Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My Colourful Hobby


 I can tell you a lot about colouring because it is one of my favourite pastimes. The best way to complete a colouring book is to start with the front page.
 I prefer to colour in using felt tip pens because they create nice lines and bright colours. My favourite colouring book is 'The colouring book of Scotland'.
I like this book because it's filled with kind pictures of Scottish places like Edinburgh and Balmoral castle. Depending on the how much detail I put in to each picture it can take a few weeks to complete. I find the time to colour in at home & at Trinity during my breaks.
Sometimes it's good to mix hobbies. I like wood burning too so I'm now wood burning one of the pictures from my book onto a piece of wood.
 I hope you have enjoyed reading about my hobby. It's great to share a bit about it with you.  If you feel inspired you can find colouring books in most bookshops and supermarkets. Let's get colouring!
Simon Lewis 

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