Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Celebration Evening

This year's celebration evening was a little bit different than previously, a combination of both performances and awards. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and think that it was really successful. We have had lots of great feedback about it. What better first post for our blog than one about celebration. The student's have done so well this year and it was not only great to see them receive the awards they are so deserving of but it was a pleasure to experience their heartfelt performances also. And the buffet! If there was an award for best buffet then this one would win first prize.  Thank you to all who brought food and all who helped to eat it! Yum yum!!
 We thought this would be a great opportunity to show some photographs from the night, of students receiving certificates for all of their hard work over the past year. (If your photo isn't here then it may be that you need to give permission to have photos on our Facebook page if you haven't already.)

A special thank you to Gilly Smith and Mrs Brooksbank for providing the Celebration cakes