Tuesday, 8 November 2016

My First Day


On my first day I felt nervous. I first went into dining room and met all my fellow students and staff and had a cup of tea. My first session was signing choir which I really enjoyed, we signed frozen 'let it go'. I made a new friend called Josh and in the afternoon I did media where we started writing blogs I am really happy to be at TSFL and excited to start my new time table

Adam Jones

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Meet the Team

The blog is being taken over for a while…

By whom you may ask?

By us -  the new student bloggers!

We are the IT & Media group and we have written some articles we would like to share with you.

Watch this space for interesting stories about our experiences, favourite activities and hobbies. We hope that you will enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoyed writing about them.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Staff v Students Football Match 2016

Trinity Skills For Life
Pictured: The Student (and friends) team
Landslide victory 7 – 3 to the Students

We had a good turnout of spectators on Friday 16th September who cheered the teams on and hopefully enjoyed a very competitive match!

Staff got off to an early lead and at half time they were ahead 2 – 1. However the students then came out all guns blazing and it was one goal after another. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing on a fantastic pitch – with floodlights on in the second half!

Thank you to Geoff Banwell who refed the match fair and square. Special thanks to Bill Grinham and Bob Lloyd for their help on the night and to Eccleshall Football F.C for letting us use their ground. We hope to have a rematch next year.

Goal scorers-
Staff: Chris Clare, Alex Steer & Steve ‘Teletubby’ Twigg
Students: J Heeley (2), A Smyth, M Steer, T Brough,
E Batchelor, J Batchelor

The Staff (and friends) team
Everybody taking up their positions on the pitch
Tension mounts early on

Nimble footed students go up against  brave defence

Jonothan plays another blinder

Tackles aplenty spark domestic disputes

Students celebrate yet another goal! Smiles all round

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Celebration Evening

This year's celebration evening was a little bit different than previously, a combination of both performances and awards. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and think that it was really successful. We have had lots of great feedback about it. What better first post for our blog than one about celebration. The student's have done so well this year and it was not only great to see them receive the awards they are so deserving of but it was a pleasure to experience their heartfelt performances also. And the buffet! If there was an award for best buffet then this one would win first prize.  Thank you to all who brought food and all who helped to eat it! Yum yum!!
 We thought this would be a great opportunity to show some photographs from the night, of students receiving certificates for all of their hard work over the past year. (If your photo isn't here then it may be that you need to give permission to have photos on our Facebook page if you haven't already.)

A special thank you to Gilly Smith and Mrs Brooksbank for providing the Celebration cakes