Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Trinity's got Talent - the I.T and Media student's reviews

                                       Picture designed by Darren
                                                  Group performance 'Delilah'
On the 31st January 2017 students from Trinity Work Skills decide to perform a show call Trinity Got Talent which was perform at Unit 2B. The performances showcased the amazing talents that us students have. Acts ranged from singing, signing, and dancing. The show started at 1:00pm till 3:00pm with light refreshments. There were lots of groups involved in the show such as the Performing Arts group and the I.T group who took videos and photos of the event.
Read on to find out more from the other students....
                                                             Chad Hollinsworth     

                                                     Thomas & Alex Hannon performing 'She's like the wind'

My names Alistair and I had to be compere which is just a fancy name for host for Trinity’s got talent. I had to introduce a range of acts from singing and dancing to signing and even a piano solo from Jenny Hadfield.

As much as I wanted to be in the performance I preferred to be the host as I didn’t have to perform anything and I could improvise if something went wrong which fortunately didn’t , good job . The sound and photography team also did very well. A good job by all. 
                                                                                                                                      Alistair Smith
Jenny Hadfield performing  'You'll never walk alone'                    Joseph Nixon's dancing solo

My name’s is Adam and I performed in the first Act.  I was part of a group we signed Delilah and I enjoyed it a lot because I’m a Stoke fan and its one of their songs. We all did well. Afterwards I took photos of the other acts there were group performances signing and singing songs such as Busted and Blame it on the boogie
                                                                                     Adam Jones 
Anne-Marie Stockton singing 'A whole New World'                                                              Richard Harris singing 'If I let you go'
Hi, my name is Jennifer H and my act was tickling the ivories. I performed a famous hymn called 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. I practiced that song for two weeks.
Lets kick off with Tom Jones 'Why, Why Why Delilah' and it involved all the students. We got 20 stars.
There were other acts such as singing, dancing and signing, and playing piano. There was solo dancing, fast random dancing and random singing,
                                                                                                                                    Jenny Hadfield
   David Jowett dance sole 'Don't stop Believing'                                                                   Dan Alcock singing 'Dance with my Father'
There were about 30 to 50 people in the audience who were parents/carers & family of students & staffs. At half time orange blackcurrant & chocolate biscuits were given to the audience, they loved the show yes they did! Some highlights of the show were when all of the students sang and danced together.
                                                           Simon lewis
                                                  Group Performance  'Feeling Good' Dance                                                                           Sam Parton performing to 'Hero'
                                                    Liz Brooksbank singing 'Think Twice'

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My Colourful Hobby


 I can tell you a lot about colouring because it is one of my favourite pastimes. The best way to complete a colouring book is to start with the front page.
 I prefer to colour in using felt tip pens because they create nice lines and bright colours. My favourite colouring book is 'The colouring book of Scotland'.
I like this book because it's filled with kind pictures of Scottish places like Edinburgh and Balmoral castle. Depending on the how much detail I put in to each picture it can take a few weeks to complete. I find the time to colour in at home & at Trinity during my breaks.
Sometimes it's good to mix hobbies. I like wood burning too so I'm now wood burning one of the pictures from my book onto a piece of wood.
 I hope you have enjoyed reading about my hobby. It's great to share a bit about it with you.  If you feel inspired you can find colouring books in most bookshops and supermarkets. Let's get colouring!
Simon Lewis